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It’s hard to believe the Slingshot is a real vehicle you can buy and drive legally on roads for such an affordable price. While the Slingshot is a great value it has a lot of room for improvement. Here in the performance section you will find all the parts to make yours a true performance machine that would earn the respect of any true motor head.

Intake & Exhaust Performance for your Slingshot

While the Polaris Slingshot is very quick out of the box, it is even more thrilling with more power. One of the easiest and best bangs for your buck as an upgrade is intake, and or exhaust system. Let us help you make your Slingshot sing the sounds of increased horsepower, and torque.

Suspension Performance Is Key for Carving Apexs

As a Slingshot owner you know three wheels is very different then four. While the front has good grip out of the box the rear definitely responds well to tuning. This way you wont be buying tires every month unless you want. Once you choose the right coilover kit no blacktop will be safe once you pair one of our great suspension performance upgrades to your Polaris Slingshot.